Our Quality Products

Lifestyle Quality Products has sourced the highest quality and stylish protection from Japan for your family’s eyes. Anyone spending lots of time on computers, smart phones, tablets and game consoles will benefit from our Blue Light Safety glasses.

Invest in Blue Light Safety glasses today
and help prevent eye strain and potential damage in the future
for yourself and your family.

FREE Postage via Australia Post standard postage for purchases within Australia.


Cuts Blue Light
Filters out harmful Blue Light and minimises digital eyestrain

Prevents reflective glare
AR Coating that prevents light reflection and background glare

Cuts UV Light by 99%
Non-visble UV rays that damage the eye are cut by 99%

Scratch Resistant
New hard coating technology improves solidity and prevents scratching

Thin aspherical high quality lens
Reduces viewing distortion around edges of the lens increasing complete visibility